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Your Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac is all about self-expression. Your Zodiac sign tells your unique story of strugglefriendship, and love. Be proud of your sign and all its characteristics by proudly wearing our Zodiac Solid Perfume.

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Our Zodiac Solid Perfume is non-alcoholic and rich in skin care ingredients: Beeswax, Fragrance Oils, Vitamin C, E, can be freely applied to any part of the body. The light fragrance exudes a romantic charm, which differs according to your sign and can nourish the skin. 

How to use: Simply apply some of the solid perfume on your finger and massage it across your hands, wrists or forearms. It can be used anywhere on your skin!

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Ingredient: Beeswax, Fragrance oils, Vitamin C, E
Net WT: 15g